Public Limited Company


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Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company or PLC, is a company with limited liability whose shares can be advertised and sold to the public. This type of company may also be listed on a stock exchange.

PLC requirements:

  • A minimum of two directors must be appointed, together with a qualified company secretary, e.g. A chartered secretary, a solicitor, a chartered accountant.
  • It requires having a nominal share capital of at least £50,000. All allotted shares must be paid up to at least one quarter of their nominal value. Therefore, subscribers to a PLC must contribute a minimum of £12,500.
  • Before trading can commence, a trading certificate needs to be issued by Companies House to confirm the company has allotted the minimum share capital and a quarter of its value has been paid up.

Articles of Association: The model Articles included in this package may not be suitable for clients wishing to apply for a stock exchange listing. If you require a listing, we would advise using your own bespoke Articles.

Limited Company Formation Online

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