Private Limited Company Privacy


What's included

£ 97.45,- +VAT

Ideal for…
protecting the privacy of your home address.


Set up a limited company with privacy and peace of mind

Providing a limited company, with the privacy offered by a prestigious registered office and directors service address in Covent Garden, London.

Please see our guide for further information on company address services and where they must be displayed.

This package also includes the filing of the first confirmation statement, providing peace of mind that you will not miss this important filing deadline.

Please note:

The address services included in this package are free for 12 months only. You can renew the registered office and service address on an annual basis for £117.00 plus VAT and £78.00 plus VAT, respectively.

The filing for the confirmation statement service does not include the Companies House filing fee of £13.00.

How much will you save with the Privacy Package?

The items included in our Privacy Package would cost £401.95 plus VAT if purchased individually, so you will save a total of 304.5 £.

Package Features

  • Limited Company Formation Online
  • Free Business Bank Account (Optional)
  • Free Pre-Submission Review
  • Free Online Portal to Manage your Company
  • Free .com or .co.uk Domain Name
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Digital Share Certificate(s)
  • Digital Company Registers with First Entries
  • Filing of the First Confirmation Statement
  • Registered Office Address, London WC2
  • 1 x Service Address, London WC2

£ 97.45,- +VAT


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