Dormant Company Accounts Service


Accounts filed within 24-48 hours

Dormant Company Accounts

£ 119.95,- +VAT

All limited companies are required by law to file annual accounts at Companies House, however, if your company is dormant, it does not need to file full accounts. Instead, it is only required to file a simplified version of accounts, known as dormant company accounts.
We provide a dormant account filing service for limited companies, regardless of whether the company was incorporated using our website. The process takes 24 hours (1 working day) providing we receive the required information without undue delay.
Failure to file your company’s annual accounts on time will result in a late filing penalty from Companies House.

How it works:

  • Click the ‘Order’ button
  • Enter the required details and proceed to check out
  • You will receive a short questionnaire by email regarding the submission of the accounts
  • Simply confirm your answers to the questions by replying to the email
  • We will file your dormant company accounts with Companies House within 1 working day of purchase, provided we receive the required information
  • We will inform you by email when Companies House accepts the accounts
  • This service is renewable on an annual basis at a cost of £119.95 plus VAT

What’s Included:

  • Completion and filing of form AA02 dormant company accounts (DCA)
  • Fast turnaround – great for customers whose filing deadline is approaching
  • Confirmation of acceptance of accounts by Companies House

Dormant Company Accounts

£ 119.95,- +VAT


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