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Charity Company

Set up a charitable company at Companies House. The company structure we offer is a company limited by guarantee. We provide Model Charity Articles, which you can edit and insert your company’s objects. Alternatively, you can use your own Articles. We recommend all clients who want charity status for their company, to follow the Charity Commission’s guidance on how to draft charitable objects.

Please note: This package does not include registration with the Charity Commission, which is an option you may choose later.

Companies House £12.00 Filing Fee

A limited by guarantee company, usually formed in 3 to 6 working hours – subject to Companies House workload


Apply for ‘limited’ name exemption

Use your own Articles or edit our model Articles to include your company’s objects required for ‘limited’ name exemption


Use of the words Association, Benevolent, Federation, Foundation, Society or Trust in the company name

Use your own Articles or edit our model Articles to include your company’s objects and use these sensitive words


Bespoke Articles

This package provides you with the facility to upload your own bespoke Articles


Digital Certificate of Incorporation

Your Certificate of Incorporation delivered by email


Printed Certificate of Incorporation

A high quality printed Certificate of Incorporation

Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association

A copy of your Mem & Arts delivered by email


Printed Memorandum & Articles of Association

A high quality printed & bound copy of the Mem & Arts


Digital Guarantor Certificate(s)

Your guarantor certificate(s) delivered by email


Printed Guarantor Certificate(s)

Your guarantor certificates delivered by post


Free Pre-Submission Review

Our experts will check your order for mistakes


Free Online Portal to Manage your Company

Including free lifetime company support by our experts


Free Domain Name

Get your own .com or .co.uk domain name for 1 year


£ 249.95,- +VAT


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