Private Limited Company Basic


What's included

£ 57.45,- +VAT

Protect a company name…
Reserving your company name for future use.

Protect a company name

Currently reduced to £57.45,- plus VAT, this package offers exceptional value for money. It is perfect if you want to set up a ltd company, but you are not quite sure when you want to begin trading, or you simply wish to protect or reserve a company name to use at a later date.

Providing a ready-to-trade company limited by shares, a certificate of incorporation, share certificates, the memorandum and articles of association and set of company registers with first entries. All incorporation documents are delivered by email in digital (PDF) format.

If you are not ready to start trading

Many clients purchase the Basic Package simply to reserve a company name for a future project. If this applies to your company, please remember to inform HMRC your company is dormant, and they will not expect you to file a Company Tax Return or pay corporation tax.

Package Features

  • Limited Company Formation Online
  • Free Business Bank Account (Optional)
  • Free Pre-Submission Review
  • Free Online Portal to Manage your Company
  • Free .com or .co.uk Domain Name
  • Digital Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Digital Share Certificate(s)
  • Digital Company Registers with First Entries

£ 57.45,- +VAT


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